We work with you and your team
to help you effectively manage and control your own safety health and environmental risks;
through developing your knowledge, understanding, skills and experience

‘At SHE Advises we believe businesses should have the ability to manage their own safety health and environmental aspects. We think our role as consultants is to empower you and your team to develop the experience and understanding you need to achieve this goal.

To deliver on our belief we spend time to understand you and your business. We will help you to develop systems which are as straightforward or as complex as the risks you are trying to manage. We do not promise to give you compliance or to make improvements, but to give you the knowledge, systems and experience you need to reach achieve this for yourselves.

We believe that to help you understand your needs we need to get to know your business, and we are keen to understand your ethos, aims and objectives as well as we understand ours.

We will guide you towards, and through, the available resources which are at your fingertips nowadays in the modern world of technology and the internet, help you understand which bits are relevant and which are not, and develop a system specific to your business operations.

We will help you develop systems which fit your business model and align with your objectives, whether that be to simply meet the minimum legal compliance requirements or to go the extra mile in your health and safety commitments by achieving continuous improvement, and perhaps a recognised standard.

All of our service provisions include elements which will track your efforts to achieve and improve on health and safety standards in your organisation, along with providing you with consultants who are experienced and qualified with a passion for protecting the health and safety of your employees and any other persons your business may affect.

In addition to our own internal systems and provisions we have access to a trusted group of partner organisations and individuals in related professions and can assure our clients that the service they provide are in line with our own high standards of conduct and service provision’.

Natasha Wales-Dixon CMIOSH
SHE Consultant/Director

Our Services


  • H&S Support Visits
  • Mentoring of employees
  • Advise to meet applicable legislative requirements
  • Systems/Document development – including policies, procedures, risk assessments, method statements
  • Specialist consultancy – Provision of specialist consultants for specific hazards where required e.g. Fire, Asbestos, DSEAR
  • Accident/incident data analysis and investigations


  • H&S Gap analysis
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Auditing to standards including OHSAS18001


Through our trusted and approved team of both in house and approved associate trainers we can facilitate a variety of accredited and bespoke training courses including:-

  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Safety training for managers
  • Directors and senior management training
  • Manual Handling
  • First Aid
  • Fire Awareness and Marshalls
  • Vocational qualifications
  • ……. and more….. why not give us a call and we’ll tailor a course to suit your needs.

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